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 How to make Suggestion...?

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PostSubject: How to make Suggestion...?   Mon Jun 23, 2008 8:16 pm

Hero Suggestion:

Theme name: [Hero Suggestion] : Sarutobi
You must put a image of the Hero.

You must put 4 skills.

Quote :
Skill 1
Name: Doton: ...
Skill Type: Here.. Passive, Active, Line of effect...

Description:Doton Doryuu Heki is a defensive Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Earth Element. The ninja will do the necessary hand seals and then spew a line of mud onto the ground. The mud will then grow into a large mud wall to help defend against incoming attack.

Level 1 : Deals x damage...(4 levels)

Mana cost: x
Cooldown: x
Requere level: x

Skill 4 Ultimate
The Ultimate skill only has 3 levels.

Item Suggestion

Theme name: Item Suggestion: Kakashi's Gloves
Item name: xxx
Price: 1000 g

Requeriments:x x x

Stats: Gives:
-+10 Intelligence
+4 Damage....

Description of the item.

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How to make Suggestion...?
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