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 [Suggestion]: Uzumaki Naruto

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PostSubject: [Suggestion]: Uzumaki Naruto   Thu Jul 03, 2008 8:55 am

OK now lets begin with that some fucking place full of cemicals by the govermants bwol up this in 6:30AM and they may be radiation in allover europe so be aweare we may day in a week so anyway:
1:Defalte ability kyuubi chakra:Naruto can tap in his demon chakra with his will not leting the fox to control him(1st state of kyuubi).
1.6 life regeneration
1.6 chakra regeneration

Ultimate:Demon clock:Naruto gets in his emotions and the demon fox gets in control of his body.As his anger increase his power and injury is even highter.

level 1:His anger is moderate: charecter level 6 needed
20hp/ps damege to himself as long is he in it
+50 dmg
lasts 15 sec dies if he loses all hp

level 2:His hanger is huge: charecter level 12 needed
40 hp dmg to himself per second
20 sec dies of he loses all hp

level 3:His anger is devastating: charecter level 18
60dmg/ps to himself
25sec dies if he loses all hp

i think that it is perfect and not so imba i mean on level 18 he loses 1500hp so i think it is ok and with enoth regen he coul lose 500hp

i really hope that the explosion isnt that sereos cous if it is nuclear we will all go sign.

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[Suggestion]: Uzumaki Naruto
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