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 Changelog Naruto Shippuden Destiny

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PostSubject: Changelog Naruto Shippuden Destiny   Changelog Naruto Shippuden Destiny I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 15, 2008 5:31 pm

=====Changelog 2.1=====
-Gelel Stone bug corrected.
-Sandaime Hokeys corrected.
-Assasin cloack corrected.
-Reminisce bug corrected.
-Madara Bug corrected...(Ultimate)
-Duel corrected ( I must test ... i think i just corrected)
-Tsunade Removed "Pow" and when Katsuyu died don't creates nothing.
-Deidara Added Jibaku Bunshin and removed C4 clone.
-Removed Stupid Killing Sounds ....
-Kabuto's Heal jutsu corrected.
-Kabuto's Shikon No jutsu clone now takes always 100% of the damage.

========2.0-B OR 2.1============
-Sai Dogs damage increase.
-Satetsu Shigure damage increase.
-Orochimaru now is avaliable.
-Sasuke CS2 model corrected.
-Konan now throw kunais.
-Madara Hotckeys corrected.
-Madara ulti is now, flash attack for 10, 15 and 20 seconds.
-Kyuubi now is the old kyuubi.
-Reminisce corrected.
-Yamato prision hotckey corected.

====Changelog 2.0====
-New Hero: Uchiha Madara
-Naruto Fuuton RasenShuriken added.
-New Kisame's shark model.
-Credits corrected.
-Remade 50% of the terrain.
-Internal Bleeding deals now 6/8/10/12 damage per second.
-Metalic Gauntlets price corrected 1100 now.
-Naruto Kage Bunshin corrected, now is better.
-Orochimaru's Kawarami no Hebi now Teleport + Heals.
-Removed Gamabunta of Naruto and added a new skill.
-Command -suicide added.(-250 gold)
-Added Sounds (killing spree, double kill...)
-New shop added.
-3 news items added.
-Added new Minimap Picture.
-New Itachi Texture.
-Tayuya's Cursed Seal 2 decreased to 150hp/200/250.
-Duel[Beta Mode] added. ()
-Shodaime added new skill, Raise Forest.
-Konan remove Paper Teleport and added Paper spear.
-New Effect for Kisame's ultimate water.
-Katon: Goykaku and Suiton: Suikodan, better effect.
-New mode: -pm (pro mode)
-Sasuke's Kirin casting time now 2.5 seconds.
-Sasori's Ultimate can't attack builds now and attack speed is 3.0 now.
-WIIII Shikamaru shippuden model added. (Made by NiddHogg-Kun)
-New mode: WTF xD
-Shikamaru added new skill: Shadow summoning (big clones black of himself like hokage ninja) and removed kage nui.
-Kaiten AoE decreased to 500.
-Tsunade's Face added in the mountain.
-Shikamaru, now is a melee Hero.
-Shikamaru's ultimate shadow, now can't attack builds.
-Damage base of all heros corrected.
-Naruto Kyuubi now remove the naruto spells and add 2 news, and deals 15 daamage per second on himself, ah and reduces the speed into 210.(He can't move with all his chakra)
-New Konan Ultimate added.

====Changelog 1.6====
-Susanoo now grants spell immunity.
-Sandaime Shinigami and Doton rock, don't will stay in the map.
-Sandaime hotkey Emma corrected.
-Chakra smasher bug corrected.
-Madara and Shodaime rocks moved to the correct position.
-Twin Fangs of Abyss damage corrected.
-Backdoor system corrected.
-Akatsuki Lance Damage Corrected.
-Hosigaki Star War Stomp Correected.
-Kabuto Nehan Shouja No jutsu Hotkey Corrected.
-Konan Kami Umou Doble R corrected.
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Changelog Naruto Shippuden Destiny
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