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 Terrains, characters, Effects and buildings..

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PostSubject: Terrains, characters, Effects and buildings..   Thu Jul 10, 2008 12:00 pm

Terrains, characters, Effects and buildings..

*In the center of konoha put a big tree there..
*Remove all warcraft trees, just put the new model of trees..
*Add some fuggy weather..
*Dont make desame the base of konoha and base of akatsuki
*Base of akatsuki.. make it dark place (Cave may do) and has a dead trees.. whatever..
*Make the towers buildings.. not characters!
*Make the new model of buildings smaller..
*Make the character more smaller and faster..
*Remove the the yellow besides the wall of konoha.. i dont think that is not a model of knoha's building it looks like its only for a castle..
*Improve the exploding effects.. just like in naruto hero builder no lag w3x. the deidara's explosion effects is so good!
*Change the effect of the shuko and triblades when it combines don't make it lightning just make it cuts when it cuts it spill some blood then the enemy will slow down just like in dota.. the sange and yahsa because its so ugly if it is lightning.
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Terrains, characters, Effects and buildings..
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