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 Hotkeys bugs 1.6V

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PostSubject: Hotkeys bugs 1.6V   Fri Jun 20, 2008 8:25 pm

OK first of all hotkey's later i will play it and see for any other bugs
1.Youndame Gambunta [E] dont works and his rasengan [R] dont work too
2.Naruto's Gambuta does not respond to[E] and his kage bunshin to[W]
3.Konan duel Rr IS FIXED GJ
4.Tayuya (NO SHIPPUUDEN HERO ?!?!)(all skills work sign)
5.Kisame does not have any hot key's problem but he is steal with grey sharks(they are all blue in the anime cuz they are from water not real summonings)
6.Sakura inhuman strenght [E] doesn not work (the skill is passiv no need for the [E])
7.YOU CAN KILL THE AKATSUKI SHOP LOL(yep killed theres shop ;D it was fun)

I will add more tomorrow (hope theres not) i am pretty tired so i will go to bed See yo all
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Hotkeys bugs 1.6V
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